Discover Your Talent for Accretive Growth

In a fast-changing and competitive global hiring landscape, having the right Talent and Career Strategy has never been so imperative.

We help companies and professionals make sense of what matters most to them; shaping their organizations and careers based on latest industry and market insight underpinned by a human-centric advisory approach.

About Us

Accretive Talent for Japan (ATJ) is a specialized recruitment firm offering both Retained and Contingency services with offices across Asia Pacific.

Our firm was built on the principles of trust, professionalism and an unrelenting dedication to delivering the highest level of service to all of our partners. Since incorporating in 2012, we are proud to be recognized as a trusted recruiting partner and industry leader within the Enterprise Technology and Professional Services sectors.

Our mission is simple; providing tailored long-term career advice and making pinpoint and thoughtfully researched introductions of mid-career to executive level talent with the goal of creating accretive growth for all.

“We help companies and professionals make sense of what matters most to them; shaping their organizations and careers based on latest industry and market insight underpinned by a human-centric advisory approach.”

Our Expertise

As society and technologies continue to evolve at a rapid pace, ATJ stands at the forefront of industry as an expert advisor to those driving innovation as well as those creating transformative strategies for organizational and societal change.

We partner with the world’s leading companies, start-up innovators and professional firms to offer our expertise and support to professionals across the full spectrum of Technology, IT Business Solutions, Professional Services, Healthcare and all major related industries and specializations.

Drawing from decades of combined industry experience, our team consistently strives to think outside of the box, providing bespoke hiring and career advancement solutions which go far beyond matching a résumé to a job description.

At ATJ, we believe our approach should be as unique as you are.

Our Team

Andy Techakosit

Managing Partner

Ryosuke Takagishi


Sean Alexander


Antonio DiCristo


Tomoko Momose

Director of Client Services

John Mangan

Senior Manager

Arber Demo

Senior Manager

Toma Furuyama

Principal Consultant

Kenji Wakasa


Casey Simms


Daichi Kuwashima

Senior Consultant

Tomoaki Ikezawa

Principal Consultant

Vidar Anundsen


Praya Satthaporn


Yuko Wakai

Associate Consultant

Aaron Mau

Associate Consultant

Moeka Masuda

Associate Consultant

Waldir Nunez

Associate Consultant

Claire Parnpetch

Associate Consultant

Pann Preyapanich

Associate Consultant

Katie Paripurana

Associate Consultant

Josh Fordeliza

Senior Researcher

Amita Meechan

Senior Researcher

Idea Pongsrisupakon


Chairman's Message

I have been recruiting in Japan since the end of 1980s and I am still engaged in it today. Accretive Talent for Japan (ATJ), is the third recruiting enterprise I have founded.

Recruiting is my life’s work. Helping people and teams grow to achieve more of their potential and, in doing so, helping them to achieve prosperity never gets old for me. Thus, though I have attempted to retire twice, I am still sitting in an office full of recruiters and a truly wonderful support-team.

We founded the company on the belief that even in these modern times, old fashioned service was still a basis for a good long-term oriented business. We are true search professionals, hunting for the talent our clients require, rather than passively waiting for applicants.

We build enduring relations and engagements with our candidates and clients. This approach applies internally as well; we strive for a collaborative team culture in our company. We believe that in order to be a good company to work with, we must be a good place to work for.

– Paul Levine, Chairman